GIT – setup a new private repo and pull,push code

This is suitable for GITLAB, but with a little modification would work with other GITs.

Install git on Ubuntu

apt-get install -y git

How to setup git

git config --global "name"
git config --global ""
git remote add origin http://IP/path/to/repository

How to create new PRIVATE repo (for GITLAB)

This needs to be done via the GITLAB API.  Grab your Personal Token from GITLAB Account Settings and use this bash script.

Get it here

# @shallawell
# Program Name:
# Version = 0.0.2
# if the remote repo does not exist, use this script before you attempt to
# git push
# Can create a simple Gitlab repo
# start ===============================
#set vars
#Public or Private repo, set to true for PUBLIC REPO

# test var
if [ $TOKEN == YOURTOKENHERE ]; then
 echo "Error : update the git TOKEN variable."
 exit 0

if [ ${#@} == 0 ]; then
 echo "Error : Repo name required."
 echo "Usage: $0 REPO_NAME"
 echo "You need to provider the repostiory/project name to create on the remote server."
 echo "Ensure $TOKEN has been set."
# main command
 curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" $REMOTE_GIT/api/v3/projects?private_token=$TOKEN -d \
 "{ \"name\": \"$REPO_NAME\", \"public\": $PUBLIC }"
# end ===============================

How to Pull, Checkout and Push

git pull <repo-link>
git checkout -b master
<make your code changes>
<make changes to .gitignore to exclude files>
git add .
git commit -m "updated the code to/for ..."
git show
git push origin master

Other GIT handy commands

git fetch <repo-name>       # get changes, rather than pull whole code base
git init                    # initialize new local dir
git status                  # print status
git remote get-url origin   # check the origin

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