Install GUI & VNC on Ubuntu

Pretty simple.  You want to add a visual interface to your Ubuntu server.

Firstly, update the APT package manager

sudo apt-get update

Install a minimal Unity desktop

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop -y

GUI should now be installed, reboot to take effect.

sudo reboot

This is what is looks like upon reboot (after login)

To get to a TTY terminal.
For Text Mode
for GUI Mode



Add TightVNC
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver -y
vncserver   #set a secure password

#connect to machine on VNC requires a VNC client





Installing Webmin on ubuntu

To install Webmin via apt-get you will have to add it to your repository:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Go to the end and add this to the file:

deb sarge contrib
deb sarge contrib

Save the file.  Ctrl-X, Yes, Enter.

After performing the above actions, you need to get the GPG key the repository is signed with. So for that type in the following commands:

cd /root
apt-key add jcameron-key.asc

After adding the GPG key you need to update the source.list:

sudo apt-get update

Now you can install Webmin by typing:

sudo apt-get install webmin

Or alternatively you can try downloading the actual .deb file:


This will download the .deb file on to the system, then you should:

dpkg --install webmin_1.750_all.deb

This will install Webmin on your system.
Login to Webmin
Open up the browser and type in you IP address with as following:


You will get a warning for the SSL certificate, you may just proceed ignoring that warning. After you have navigated to the above URL you will get the following login page:

Log in with root user name and password.

Simple boto.cfg example file

This file can be place in either:

/etc/boto.cfg for system wide

$HOME/.boto for user specific



cat /etc/boto.cfg
# boto.cfg
# python boto config file - system wide settings

# <AWS account name>
aws_access_key_id = <access_key_id>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret_key_id>

#debug = 0
#num_retries = 10
#proxy =
#proxy_port = 8080
#proxy_user = foo
#proxy_pass = bar